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Talent sales
01 Sign Up
With one registration,
you can sell talents and buy talents.
02 Post your Talent
Post the talent
you want to sell.
03 Talent sales
When the registered talent is sold, a notification message
will be sent to your email
which entered at the time of talent registration.
04 Work progress
Go to Dashboard
> Sales Management
to check buyer information
and contact
before proceeding.
05 Work(delivery) complete
After completion of work (delivery)
Go to Dashboard
> Sales management
to complete work or
complete delivery.
06 Withdrawal
You can withdraw the sales amount after confirmation of
purchase completion
by applying for withdrawal.
Talent purchase
01 Sign Up
With one registration,
you can sell talents and buy talents.
02 Talent search
Search for talents
you want through integrated
search and talent search
function by category.
03 Talent purchase
Check detailed information
through the talent detail page, and buy by charging talent money.
04 Work request
Check Seller information
through Dashboard
> Purchasing Management
and ask the seller as much as
possible in detail.
05 Work check
Check your completed talents
through Dashboard
> Purchasing Management
confirm purchase completion and request revisions.
06 Rate & Review
If the work is confirmed
please check the purchase completion and write a
purchase review for each item.
Post a request
01 Sign Up
With one registration,
you can sell talents
and buy talents.
02 Post a request
Write 'post a request' to
look for your
desired talent.
03 Chat & Request Payment
Through conversation,
you can negotiate talent
prices and work days
than do request payment.
04 Request for Talent Purchase
Dashboard> Purchase
Management. Check the
seller information than
request in detail to the
seller as much as possible
05 Work confirmation
Dashboard> Purchase
Management. Confirm
purchase completion and
can request a revision.
06 Write a review
If the work is completed.
Rate for the work and
write a review.
Order discretion

A talent set as a delivery item when posting a talent
Talent in progress to sell and buy through 'Post a request'
Talent in progress to sell and buy at a custom order and working day through conversation rather than the base price.
What is Expert cash?

It is the currency in the Expert used for talent trading, and can be cash-in through Dashboard> Cash-in my Expert money.

Profit settlement

Profits are automatically transmitted upon completion of the talent transaction, and you can apply after 14days for withdrawal as much as you want through Dashboard> Profit management> Profit withdrawal menu.
- When applying for withdrawal, the amount excluding service fee set for each member is automatically calculated, and the amount will be deposited to your G-cash account as much as the calculated final amount.
- Deposit processing will be completed within 2~4 working days after request for withdrawal.


After registering as a Expert Pinoy member, you can chat in real time between active members and members.

Post a request

Post your request to expert pinoy and talking with the seller to negotiate the talent price and working days.

Request for revision

Revision request is possible in the state of work complete, you may talk to seller for revision through converstaion box, in case insufficient reason, the seller may refuse the request for revision.
- Request for revision is not possible while in the state of waiting for work, work progress, or transaction completed Other revision requests can be made through conversation.

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